Our Services

We provide comprehensive job search and placement support to aspiring candidates who aim to work in the automotive industry. We provide them with automotive job opportunities that can play a pivotal role in shaping their careers and are in line with their objectives and aspirations.



We have a vast network that is spread all across the UK. It enables us to present candidates with job opportunities that are not only in line with their career aspirations but also offer long-term stability.

For those seeking a permanent job in the motor industry, Theo Jones Recruitment is exactly where they need to be. We assist candidates in the long-term planning of their career and offer unrivalled support in this regard, covering all aspects of searching for and performing well at a permanent job.



Recent automotive recruitment trends are suggestive of the growing popularity of temporary motor trade jobs and automotive jobs. Temporary jobs allow increased flexibility and control to candidates and employers alike. Realising this fact, we have been providing streamlined support to candidates with regards to temporary automotive job search and placement.

We enjoy the benefit of having direct connections with the key players in the automotive recruitment sector and essential technological backing. As a result, we are able to source out temporary motor trade jobs and automotive jobs that are in line with our candidates’ career aspirations.

Assisting them with temporary job search, we are able to help candidates in gaining more exposure and experience, learning new skills and networking.