Top Tips before starting your job search

5 Top Tips on what to consider before starting your job search

Whilst there is no perfect time to start your job search, in the recruitment industry we almost always experience a spike in new job opportunities in September and October. So if you are keen to progress your career, now is a good time to start looking, update your LinkedIn profile and get your CV registered with Theo Jones Recruitment.

Key factors we recommend you consider when deciding when to start your search:

  1. It may take some months for your ideal job to come up – when would you ideally like to move?
  2. Will you be ready and able to attend interviews or would current work commitments/travel make this difficult?
  3. Do you definitely want to move or are you just dipping your toe in the water? – If it’s the latter be careful not to burn your bridges with potential employers and recruitment consultants.
  4. Is your CV ready to submit when the right opportunity comes up? See our CV advice:
  5. How long is your current notice period?


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