How flexible is your interview process?

Is your interview process flexible enough for today’s job market? Read our 4 essential tips to help employers attract the best candidates.

In the current economic climate we are experiencing a candidate driven job market and we urge employers to examine their recruitment processes to make sure they don’t miss out on the best candidates. Speed and Flexibility are key as strong candidates will often have more than one good job option on the table. To ensure you can attract the best candidates to your business Theo Jones Recruitment recommend clients to consider:

Interview Process
Consider Skype or telephone interviews for first stage to speed up the process.

Interview Tasks
Be reasonable about what tasks you ask candidates to prepare ahead of an interview. Some companies are switching to and ‘on the day’ task and presentation rather than asking candidates to spend hours preparing a presentation before hand.

Understand your Candidate
Take advise from your recruitment consultant, expect them to provide information about a candidate’s motivation for moving, and whether they are an ‘active’ candidate looking at more than one job opportunity.

Have a compelling offer for candidates, ask them what is important to them. Companies who can be flexible and innovate with benefits will often be more attractive. It’s not always about just money.

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